Dorian Yates Shadow Line in India

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Everything’s a thought. Everything’s mental. You create your reality with your thoughts, make no mistake about it. We live in a virtual reality world and you build your story with your mind every single day.

I built this story: I wanted to be Mr. Olympia, I became The Shadow and I succeeded.

My challenge is more spiritual now. I understand my spiritual side and I want to help other people in their journey. I want to connect with bodybuilders across the world to help them reach their true, full potential.

I always saw the mental side of training as the key. That was my strength that I had over everybody else. Everything begins with a thought, then come the actions. I learned that you can apply this philosophy to many aspects of life and it will bring things into your reality. And you can do this too: You can change your life.

The first thing you need is a goal. You need a goal, you need a plan and you’ve got to have drive — you need motivation and grit.

My motivation when I was bodybuilding was that I wanted to change my life. I was determined to be successful. But you need to understand this is a personal struggle. What people don’t realize is that the first step to building yourself is constructing a stronghold for your mind. For over a decade, I lived like a bodybuilder–monk — rarely smiling, rarely having fun. That enabled me to develop a mind–muscle connection. Training was my meditation. My whole self was committed to training and winning. I couldn’t allow myself to get distracted. If all this resonates with you, that means your mind is ready. This is the first step of the process, a very important one. It’s now time to get your body ready. Bodybuilding was very individual for me. I had to study the nutrition. I had to do the training. I had to find out how it worked with my body. But now you can use my experience and expertise. I’m determined to help you be the best you can possibly be, mentally and physically.

When I was Mr. Olympia, I was renowned for my intensity in the gym and the seriousness of my training sessions. The High Intensity Training is the method for instrumenting the change in your life. All you need left is the tool box. I’m very proud and excited to introduce to you the premium Shadow Line  upplements. After years of seeing people overcomplicate nutrition, I decided it was time to step in and take control of the situation. Shadow Line will enable you to maintain your intensity until the very last, game–changing repin the gym.

Shadow Line — Create a legacy.