Six pack abs and the myths

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Six pack abs and the myths

Everybody knows at least one such person in their gym who is simply crazy for six pack abs and he always does strange, unique and mind boggling workout just in an effort to make those abs visible. It has been observed that too many people take solid pains to make a set of 6 pack abs but very few actually have them. There are some other people who put little to no effort at all and still have great, well shaped abs.

Everyone striving to have six pack abs has to understand the reasons why some people can have great abs while others cannot, different reasons that contribute for both the conditions and also recognize the other factors that play major role.


Why everybody wants six pack abs?

This is the era where men want to look lean and muscular “boys” rather than having too much muscle mass on their body and look larger than the ordinary. 8 out of 10 men subscribe for a gym membership just because they want to look lean, young and smart. They want to get sharper facial looks, lean physique with flat abdominal and then they would blush a bit and mention, “I want to have visible six pack abs” with a weird smile on their face.

The influence of social media is too high. No one can neglect its contribution in giving the mindset of six pack abs to the general public. People share their pictures and videos on social media, showing themselves shattering their body in the gym, working hard to get better level of fitness, some people raise their T-shirt giving a glimpse of their unborn six pack abs but that thing inspires many individuals witnessing the picture.

People also wants abs because these days’ they see advertisements on television with inexplicably glamorous model. These characters have amazing level of fitness and artistically designed physique, as if they have been especially designed/customized while considering every minor details as per the psyche of viewers watching the advertisement. For some people it seems like the models in the advertisements are imported straight from heaven, face line, small waist well built shoulders, unimaginable, well shaped legs and back, and in some cases visible abs. This is enough to make the viewers crazy, such advertisements effectively inspire people to go to gym and try to get atleast one thing like that model in the advertisement had “Six pack abs”.

Inside the gym, trainers motivate their clients to perform at the best levels. Trainers show their clients how some of their earlier clients lost fat and also have 6 pack abs now. Even when some people come to gym to put on some muscle mass, diet charts are designed so that the person doesn’t gain fat around the waist but also build decent muscle mass. Most of the times emphasis is laid upon “six pack abs”.

What people think about 6 pack abs?

In the beginning people think differently but as the time passes, thoughts change. The promises their trainers made now seems a big lie. People then start their own research on YouTube, and various websites ending up to the conclusion that they have to do lot of cardio and too many number of abs exercises to achieve their dying dream of six pack abs.

The other thing that people commonly believe in is, “15 minutes abs workout”, some even believe in “5 minutes abs workout at home”, and there are some day dreamers who think, “3 minutes abs workout at your office” is a truth. One can see thousands of such posts on Instagram, facebook, youtube and other social media sites only giving an idea that “Spot training is possible” which we know is bogus.

There are many well educated and talented Youtubers who are making such misguiding videos on youtube just to promote their channel and make some money which is changing the whole perspective of fitness industry and similarly there are many other reasons which contribute to wrong thinking of people about abs.


Common Myths about 6 pack abs

Myth No 1: It is good to train abs everyday to get 6 pack abs.

Truth: Abdominal muscles are just like any other group of muscles in our body. Recovery is what makes muscles grow, so training everyday will not give any fruitful results.

Myth No 2: Eat anything and do cardio to compensate it later.

Truth: It is not true and absolutely wrong to say that one can compensate at gym or reduce whatever junk he/she ate in the day. Just imagine, a person burns 200 calories on a treadmill after a lot of effort but he can add up to 500 calories by just having little quantity of chocolate.

Myth No 3: Sweat more to lose fat and get visible abs.

Truth: Sweat has no direct relation with the stored fat. Sweating doesn’t reduce the fat percentage infact whenever the person will drink water, the level of water reduced from body will get back to normal levels again. Thinking like this makes no sense.

Myth No 4: Steam bath and sauna bath are great to get those abs appear.

Truth: This myth has been invented by some lazy person who never wanted to do the hard part but still wanted to justify his soul that he is doing something to remain healthy. People often spend hours sitting and punishing themselves in the steam bath or sauna bath expecting fat loss which never occurs. They say steam bath reduces fat because they can’t adopt good controlled eating habits but they cannot live with the guilt of unhealthy lifestyle either so they just spend hours sitting in such rooms and say others to do the same.

Myth No 5: Too many crunches and leg raises - the only way to get abs.

Truth: To lose fat one has to train all the body parts, all the muscles. When all the muscles start improving, that is when the overall metabolism increases and fat burning begins. It makes no sense to train only abs and expect the abs to appear. “There is no such thing like Spot Reduction”.

Myth No 6: Weight training and training other body parts are waste of time when you just want abs

Truth: It is good to do multi muscle or multi joint exercises or so called “Compound Exercises” as it involves more muscles, rather than just training abs all the time. Training every muscle and then recovering it with the correct diet will increase the rate at which the fat burns and one can lose the fat faster.

Myth No 7: Eat less train more

Truth: This is not entirely true. Some people eat their maintenance calories and some remain caloric deficit but going too below the level of caloric deficit will do a lot of harm to the entire system. When your brain realizes that the diet is not up to the mark, it goes into a “SAFE-MODE” where body starts saving everything that a person eats and rather than losing fat, body starts gaining more fat, no matter how hard the person trains and does hard work at the gym.

Myth No 8: Zero carbs, Zero fats and High Protein diet is good for abs

Truth: When a person is on a zero carbohydrates and zero fat diet, body starts using protein as the source of energy. When muscles don’t get enough protein to recover, the muscle mass drops down and puts the body into catabolic stage. At this point body secrets more catabolic hormone like Cortisol and gathers more fat as well. This is not a good idea as the metabolism drops as well. At the initial stage a person might found fat loss happening but later it will give a reverse effect.

Myth No 9: Fat burners are required to shred fat and have abs

Truth: This is not entirely correct, there are people who remain caloric deficit and lose fat and also get 6 pack abs but it takes time for sure. Nothing good comes any sooner, however there are people who take fat burners and lose fat but sometimes wrong planning can result into muscle loss.

Myth No 10: No fitness goal can be attained without steroids

Truth: There are thousands of people who have remained natural and attained 6 pack abs. It doesn’t make any sense to take steroids and get 6 pack abs which will only remain visible for few days or weeks. Anyone cannot remain on steroids all his life, and can never maintain abs for long this way. When someday the person will go “OFF” steroids, the natural production of testosterones will shut down completely and then it will affect the quality of life forever.

Myth No 11: Just want to go to gym and do cardio because the only goal is abs

Truth: This is not true. Doing cardio all the time will not shred the fat completely. There are many Marathon runners who have lot of belly fat, if running and cardio can give visible abs then every marathon runner should have 6 pack abs but it is not so. Too much cardio can result into muscle loss and also brings down metabolism.

Myth No 12: Just eat homemade food and stop eating fast food to reduce fat

Truth: Homemade food or outdoor food is not a matter of concern, it is about staying in caloric deficit life style which actually reduces fat and make abs visible.



Of course, these days many things inspire us to work harder at the gym and strive to get into shape and develop 6 pack abs, but sometimes our greed to make it happen faster puts us into trouble. Rather than believing in the experienced trainer at the gym, we try to find out our own shortcuts and ways to get abs faster but after months and years of hardwork and after wasting too much money on supplements and other nonsense things we say to our selves “probably I don’t have that genetics”, which is biggest lie you could say to yourself. You have not been doing things correctly so you end up like that but if you stop following myths and move with the facts, you can develop those “Most desired abs” and enjoy your life of youth and excitement. It might take time but it is not impossible.