Amino is an important element when we talk about supplements whether it is whey products or any other source of products. Amino acid is essential as it is important source for making proteins. When we consume product or supplement product then it is essential that we consume proper amount of amino or proteins.

Amino acid is considered as natural compound containing two important attribute amine and carboxyl. Amino acids are building block for life and it is important element for the growth of the body. This is the reason that it is one of the most important and unique substance when it comes to fitness.

Some of the benefits of amino are reduces soreness, sparing of muscles, helps to improve mental focus, fat burner, reduce tiredness, increase the level of endurance, helps in improving muscle growth etc. Amino when digests into the body then it helps to provide all the goodness of proteins.

Levro Amino Surge 500 gm

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